All new ArtistCloner Scorpi Integrated amplifier AB class integrated amplifier. You can find the official info below…

8 year warranty / 3 years on moving parts (see warranty)

50 watts RMS@8ohms 100watts RMS@4ohms
Well over 100 watts of music peaks at 8 ohms! (typically 115 watts)
Input: Class A, JFET transistors (mimics tubes without the upkeep)
Output: Class AB-A
High current  (output devices capable of 22 amps per channel)
307VA Custom made for ArtistCloner banded power toroidal transformer
DC coupled
Laser engraved lettering
Music signal travels through small parts count and short paths from input to output 
Absolutely no series capacitor in the signal path!
Wide Bandwidth (0hz to 170Khz) -3db
Input: 3x RCA gold plated CNC single ended pairs 
Output: Cardas pure copper speaker binding posts
Brand name parts
105° electrolytic capacitors (built to last)
Cardas silver solder throughout
Caddock resistors are used in the audio path 
≥ 99.99 % Purity Annealed Copper with Red Polyurethane Polyamide Enamel output wires
No self noise
​Virtually indestructible: protection includes accidentally shorting of the speaker outputs, over voltage and overheating
Auto mute on power up and power down
High Quality: metal remote control for volume and input selection
Custom anodized casing
Hand soldered and assembled
Front display lights may be toggled off