More to explore in Warsaw… “It gives us a great pleasure to announce the debut of our company Audio Art Technology. Audio Art Technology was founded this year in Great Britain by some truly devoted people who have been working in the audio industry for many years. As we are at the start of our new and fantastic journey, we are delighted to invite you to the world premiere of our loudspeakers Logos and Logos DB equipped with subwoofers Experience I. 

The premiere will take place at the Audio Video Show 2017 in Warsaw in the Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel in the conference rooms Arkadia IV and V on the ground floor as well as in the room 216 on the second floor.”

Audio Art Technology was brought to life thanks to our passion for music. As we are touched by the emotions running deep in the sound stage, our aim is to design and manufacture speaker systems which reproduce pieces of music and sounds of nature in the most faithful manner possible.
When we were designing our loudspeakers, we wanted to create a cabinet that would nullify most of the unwanted and harmful electroacoustic phenomena. As a result, we have developed one of the most advanced technologies of cabinet-making using composite materials.
The idea behind this series was to reproduce a fully three-dimensional sound due to a clever usage of acoustic mirrors. The sound is reproduced vertically in 360 degrees. In effect, we got loudspeakers which offer an unbelievable depth, space and natural sound of instruments.
The bass system with a transmission-line type of cabinet is only rarely used by manufacturers. What is the biggest advantage of the transmission-line system for the low frequencies is that it gives in effect very fast and responsive but also deep bass.
There is only a handful of speaker systems in the world which can compete with our Experience series subwoofers. Once it is synchronised in the listening room with the Logos DB loudspeakers, it produces all-directional sound within the range of human hearing. Such a speaker system, which includes the low registers, gives the listener a perfect reflection of the sound stage with an unbelievably natural tone colour of particular instruments.
The Experience line of subwoofers is a result of many years of experience with the construction of speaker systems. Our previous constructions produced low frequencies with the transmission-line systems, but they have always been built in the full-range speakers. After many years of trials we have finally decided to design a system with a separate active bass which can be synchronised with mid and high range drivers with greater ease as well as conveniently adjusted to size and conditions in the listening room. What we offer with our omnipolar system equipped with the subwoofer working in such low frequencies is the incredible sound dynamic in the entire range. It is truly an unforgettable experience!