New AudioNautes Recordings Releases

A waterfall of new tapes from AudioNautes Recordings. In May, AN-RTR-2303 “Now the Green Blade Riseth” has been published and first batch sold out. The second batch will be available from end of June. After the vinyl (AN-1901) and the UHQCD (AN-2001-UHQ), also the Master Tape version is now available.

AN-RTR-2304 “Jazz at the Pawnshop Vol.2” is in prodution now and will be sent out from end of June. And the UHQCD will follow soon. Vol.2 is much less famous than the Vol.1, but it’s composed by 9 tracks recorded on December 6th, 1976, the first of the two nights in Stampen. Still an amazing recording, with some different balance compared to the famous Vol.1. We did not touch it to leave the full live feeling (and Palmcrantz touch).
AN-RTR-2305 is “Belafonte at Carnegie Hall” on Master Tape. Yes, indeed, the full concert on full analog 2 track 15ips transfer. We are going to propose this famous title in one box with 3 tapes. Available for pre-orders, it will be sent out from early July. The double UHQCD Limited edition will be available a bit later.