New AudioSolutions Figaro MK2 Speakers

AudioSolutions writes: “Yesterday we unveiled our Figaro MK2 speakers. The most successful speaker series ever among AudioSolutions products has been reborn. The visual change is quite significant as it became much more modern. Believe it or not, the cross-cut of the speaker stayed the same, just as the proportions and many other technical aspects which made Figaro (mk1) a superior speaker in its price range. New Figaro is not only a visual face-lift.”

“Despite the previous version was indeed a ground-breaking speaker in the market, there still was a few things to make it even better, and after five years in production, we gathered enough information about what we would like to improve and launched a major update for this remarkable model. One of the most awaited updates is the outrigger system with spike support. 
Not only speaker will stand more stable but its footprint on the ground is minimized. Figaro now has dedicated Bass drivers compared to mid-bass units in the previous version. Sonic response and articulation improved quite a bit. Updating Mini-Horn was not necessary but we made slight improvements in it as well. A slightly different geometry gives a bit wider working range, especially in the very top band of the frequency. Crossovers were updated with thicker wire air-coils as well as a new PCB layout which has slightly less cross-talk. We still use WBT Next-Gen binding posts for Figaro and planning to add a Bi-Wiring option to larger models.
The most important and biggest update is of course in the cabinet structure itself. In the previous version, we used a Self-Locking cabinet which was a breakthrough in our manufacturing and the first time introduced in Overture MK2 speakers 2015 11 06 during Warsaw Audio Video Show. It was a very promising technology that was developed further for more than three years. After updates in the Self-Locking cabinet, we introduced it in the Figaro MK1 speaker on 2018 02 06 and the final result was unbelievably good. 
After such success, we encouraged ourselves to think more out of the box and step even further. We quietly started to work with a completely different approach which does not bind the cabinet to one monolythical structure but rather has some plasticity between different mass and density surfaces which converts vibration energy to heat in the junction between two surfaces. This technology proved itself to have much more potential from the very first tests. 
After just about 1.5 years we already had a fully working new cabinet structure which we introduced in the Virtuoso series on 2019.05.01 it is called Cabinet-In-a-Cabinet (CIC) system. This system proved to have such a huge potential that we decided to stop developing a Self-Locking cabinet any further and sink ourselves into developing a Cabinet-In-a-Cabinet system. Figaro Mk2 right now features a fully functional Cabinet-In-a-Cabinet (CIC) enclosure directly taken from a much more expensive speaker series – Virtuoso. This is the major and most significant update for new Figaro speakers.

Technical parameters for the pair which will be exhibited at Munich high-end show:

  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1138mm x 270mm (396mm with outriggers) x 472mm 
  • Weight: 45 kg/90 lbs each 
  • Shipping weight: 49 kg/99 lbs each 
  • Sensitivity: 91.5 dB @ 2.83V 1m 
  • Nominal power handling : 170 W rms 
  • Maximum unclipped power handling : 340 W; 
  • Impedance : nominal 4,0 ohms 
  • Crossover frequency: 400 Hz; 4000 Hz
  • Frequency response (in-room environment) : 30-25000 Hz 
  • Drivers : 2,5cm silk dome tweeter, 15.2cm ER paper cone mid, two 18.3cm ER paper cone bass drivers