New Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet MC Edition

A complete Bassocontinuo series composed of four products fully dedicated to Mcintosh electronics. Three sizes (Small, Medium, Large) to match the proper electronics dimensions and another one specifically dedicated to the turntables family.
Equipped with Imperial thread (for the electronics) and metric thread (for the turntables), they completely replace the original ones and cover the whole Mclntosh catalog from the small Mc275 to the giant Mc901. 
Thanks to its own mechanical features, exactly like the rest of the family, Ultra Feet MC Edition are equipped with rubber like materials inside, able to dissipate vibrations in warm.
As we can see by the diagram below, the response is more linear and we can notice a better damping property (especially in the lower frequencies range).
Accelerometer test clearly demonstrate how replacing the original feet with our Ultra Feet MC Edition, put the electronics in the best conditions as possible.
The damping, especially in lower range of frequencies, helps a lot to focalize the stage, Increase the dynamic and clean out the signal.