The Bricasti M32 is the latest addition to the Bricasti line of power amplifiers. Formally announced at the 2019 Guangzhou Show, the limited production series M32 Platinum Series is our new flagship amplifier and is now available from key dealers and distributors as of January 2020.

Based on the award winning M28 the M32 takes amplification to another level of performance. When compared, the M32 Platinum Series has more than 50% more current delivery than the M28; high current delivery, extremely low noise and distortion with lower power supply ripple. 

This, combined with an increased chassis size capable of housing the new power transformer, we are able to maintain a greater distance between the transformer and the voltage and current gain sections of the amplifier, yields extremely low noise performance and no practical interference from the power supply components and gain sec(ons of the amplifier. 

The power delivery of the M32 is increased to 250W into 8ohms, 500 into 4 ohms, and current limited for safety at 800W into 2 ohms, more than 1kw peak power into 4 ohms.