New Brinkmann Audio Taurus Ultimate Direct Drive Turntable

“Ever since the Brinkmann Oasis launched the Direct Drive Renaissance a decade ago, analog aficionados have asked us for a DD ‘table that rivalled the performance of our state-of-the-art Balance. Our new Taurus definitively addresses that demand. Built on a massive 40mm thick chassis inspired by Balance, Taurus delivers deeper, more solid bass than Bardo combined with the dynamic agility and forward drive which characterize our Direct Drive designs. Taurus offers wireless speed selection via an engraved aluminum disc reminiscent of Balance’s hard-wired control: a homage to our statement turntable. Approaching the versatility of Spyder, Taurus can accommodate either one or two tonearms without modification while our proprietary “Collar System” facilitates change and adjustment of virtually all tonearms from 9“ to 12‘‘ length. Taurus is unquestionably the finest Direct Drive turntable Brinkmann has ever built.”
Shipping Q4, 2019 at 11.990 € MSRP (Single-Arm Version) Photo ©, 2019