CEC SUPERLINK is a unique digital transmission method that transmits music signals and synchronization signals such as clocks on independent lines. Transmission methods such as SPDIF (Sony Philips Digital Interface) and AES / EBU (Audio Engineering Society / European Broadcasting Union) used for general coaxial digital output and optical output are clocks for audio data and control. Since the signals are transmitted on a single line, jitter caused by interference between the signals cannot be avoided in principle. SUPERLINK separates and transmits audio data and clock data without passing through an encoding/decoding circuit as in the SPDIF process. By synchronizing the signal with the clock sent from the master clock generator on the D / A converter side, the degradation of sound quality is minimized and jitter is reduced at the same time.

■ Separate 4 lines of SUPER LINK transmission

Each of the four different systems sends/receives the following signals.

1. MCK (master clock): the master clock is transmitted by the D / A converter through this system. After receiving the master clock, the CD transport behaves as a slave to the D / A converter and allows the transmission of fully synchronized audio data to and from the D / A converter.

2. BCK (Bit Clock): Sends the bit clock needed for bit identification and digital data extraction (sampling frequency, etc.) from the CD transport to the D / A converter.

3. LRCK (L / R clock): Sends an L / R clock (word clock) that identifies the left and right signals.

4. DATA: The transport sends an audio signal to the D / A converter.

■ How to connect SUPER LINK

In addition to the BNC connector that connects to the TL3 series and TL1N, including the CD -transport TL0 3.0, it also has a D- SUB -9-pin connector that connects to the TL51 series. The SUPER LINK connection, which is an ultra-low jitter transmission method, can be used with all compatible CD transport players.

■ Word Clock Input

Equipped with a 44.1kHz word clock input. The master clock to be regenerated is transmitted and fed to the transport based on this clock. By connecting a high-precision clock generator, you can expect even higher quality playback sound.

■ SPDIF (COAXIAL) input -Optional function-.

Although it is intended exclusively for SUPERLINK, the BCK connector on the BNC jack can be used to replace the SPDIF (COAXIAL) input. This is useful when you want to hear the upsampling sound of TL3 3.0 or confirm the magnificence of SUPERLINK by comparison.

■ ESS Technology DAC chip

For converting digital to analog signals, the 32-bit compatible Hyperstream DAC ES9028PRO is adopted from ESS’s flagship model SABER PRO series. Ensuring high-dimensional dynamic range and harmonic distortion, not only the spread of the stage but also the depth and air feel are reproduced realistically.

The digital filter can switch between a flat with excellent frequency characteristics and a pulse with natural damping characteristics in the high-frequency range while suppressing ringing.

■ Output terminal

The analog output is equipped with a balanced XLR terminal in addition to the general RCA terminal. A balanced XLR connection is recommended to take full advantage of the balanced circuitry of this unit.

■ Main specifications

  • Master clock output BNC (MCK): 16.9344MHz
  • D-SUB-9 (9): 16.9344MHz
  • Word clock input BNC: 44.1kHz (regenerated for MCK output, disabled in SPDIF input mode)
  • Super link input BNC x 3 (BCK, LRCK, DATA): 44.1kHz
  • D-SUB-9 (2: BCK, 4: LRCK, 6: DATA): 44.1kHz
  • SPDIF (COAXIAL) input BNC x 1 (BCK terminal combined / switchable): PCM 24bit / 32-192kHz
  • Digital filter BFLAT / PULSE switching
  • Analog output Balanced XLR (2nd hot) x 1: 5Vrms
  • Unbalanced RCA x 1: 2 Vrms
  • Frequency characteristics 20Hz-20kHz / ± 0dB (CD playback, FLAT digital filter)
  • S / N ratio 105dB, 1kHz / 0dB
  • Crosstalk 105dB, 1kHz / 0dB
  • THD 0.003%, 1kHz / 0dB
  • Power supply AC100V, 50 / 60Hz
  • Power consumption 10W
  • External dimensions Approx. 435 (W) x 335 (D) x 103 (H) mm (including buttons, terminals, and legs)
  • Mass about 8.2kg
  • Accessories Power cord, 4 BNC cables, BNC-RCA conversion plug, remote control RU-219, 2 AAA batteries, instruction manual, warranty card
  • Appearance color silver/black
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • JAN Code Silver 49 92287 10200 2 / Black 49 92287 10201 9