New CHISTO Advanced Line Products

Chisto writes: “Chisto never ceases to develop better products. Easy Groove SUMMIT is our ultimate performance formula which we have been perfecting through trial and error over the past five years. It was a breakthrough, especially in gaining maximum high-frequency clarity. With SUMMIT, we made sure that every one of your valuable and most loved records, from shellac to modern LPs, remains crisp, clean and protected thanks to the antistatic, fungicide and antibacterial agents of the formula. Suitable for both manual and vacuum/ultrasonic machine applications.”

Comes in ready to use 500 ml solution. Available at the best dealers and online at 99 Euro. 

SCS ( Stylus Care System) 

Your cartridge stylus is the forefront of your analogue hi-fi system and must be cared for accordingly.
Chisto offers a unique total solution consisting of
a) cleaning liquid
b) daily applicators
c) microscope to check your results.
We analyse practical aspects of required stylus care and realised that most solutions are irrelevant. So SCS uses daily, weekly and monthly approaches with result checks.
  • You use our applicator side A for daily treatment ( mostly removing dust)
  • Weekly you use applicator side B to remove dirt and harder particles on your stylus.
  • Monthly you use our liquid solution for the total dissolving of unwanted sediments.
  • Time by time, you check your stylus state using supplied 60X microscope.
So you can be 100% sure in a spa-level treatment of your beloved cartridge.
Available at the best dealers and online at 65 Euro.
About the company:
CHISTO®, a brand born in Ukraine, manufactures and distributes the best record cleaning products in Estonia by Chistana Öu.