New Clearaudio Reference Jubilee turntable


The new (25.000+ Euro) Reference Jubilee turntable marries the best of ‘Clearaudio past, present and future’ to usher in a new era of analogue precision. It delivers lifelong synchronized rotational speed, astonishingly low levels of both resonance and friction, and a breathtaking moment of torque. Its 6cm-thick main platter is constructed from highly damped polyoxymethylene (POM) and, as you might expect with any Clearaudio turntable, the platter rotates on a special variation of the brand’s own patented ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB). The motor housing is elaborately decoupled from the chassis by an elaborate network of rubber ‘tightropes’.


  • Approx. ca. 22 kg (excl. tonearm and power supply)


  • Width
  • 495 mm
  • Depth
  • 343 mm
  • Height
  • 160 mm


  • 33 ⅓, 45 and 78 rpm


  • Wood and aluminum