The CSA150 is the top model in the new line of Copland CSA series amplifiers. Under dynamic conditions this current feedback power plant will deliver several times its rated power – enough to drive almost any loudspeaker.

Design features:
• Employing the Copland double triode gain stage with MOS-FET buffering ensuring a tight interface between the tube and the solid-state parts of the amplifier.
• Immunity to mains fluctuations, load demands and noise interference by use of wide bandwidth power supply regulation, not only for the low-level stages of the amplifier, but also by active regulation of the power amplifier driver stages.
• D/A converter with multiple S/PDIF inputs, PCM, and DSD capabilities using the ES9018 Reference 32-bit DAC in quad-mono configuration, 8 mono to 2 stereo configurations.
• Besides the digital coax and optical inputs an additional Bluetooth aptX module makes airborne sources available in HD quality.
• RCA inputs as well as balanced XLR. For the vinyl enthusiast the CSA150 has RIAA input for MM cartridges.
• Classic tape loop in/out function as well as pre-out terminal and a front facing 6.3mm headphone output.
Price and availability
Available in black or silver, the Copland CSA150 integrated stereo amplifier is now shipping to the UK, distributed exclusively by Absolute Sounds.
UK RRP: £4,988 inc. VAT. (Optional Bluetooth module: £198)
UK contact for consumers
Absolute Sounds – sole UK distributor of Copland products
W: T: 020 8971 3909
CSA150 Specifications: