New CS Port TAT1M2 Turntable

New record player with a smaller footprint from Japan. The CS Port TAT1M2 turntable features a “servo-less” XFD drive system, brass platter, heavy base, etc. 

Each unit of the LFT1M2 turntable system is available as a stand-alone unit, allowing you to choose a configuration that fits your system environment. An air supply and various attachments (sold separately) are required for use.
Following the chassis design of the previous models “Granite Base”, “Air Float” and “Servo-less”, the platter material has been changed from stainless steel to brass.

Super heavy platter

Unnecessary vibrations are suppressed by a solid housing with a granite plinth and brass platter. In addition, the platter floats and rotates with air, and the air film absorbs unnecessary vibration to keep everything but audio signals away.

Servo-less  drive system

Servo noise is eliminated by an open control system that does not apply a servo. A DC coreless motor and filament drive produce rotation with a high moment of inertia.

XFD system

Based on a crystal oscillator with high-frequency accuracy, we have developed a unique system that supplies the motor with a stable, high-precision voltage.

Expandability with 2-arm configuration

You can use the AFU1-2 linear arm or your swing arm by installing an arm attachment. In addition, attachments can be added for a 2-arm configuration. *Various arm attachments and the AFU1-2 Linear Arm are sold separately.

Low-noise air supply with double-sealed structure (sold separately).

The air supply is equipped with a highly reliable pump, also used in medical equipment, and delivers the power required by the platen. A noise loss and vibration prevention system with a double-sealed structure ensures sufficient quietness even when the unit is placed in a listening room.


  • Material: [Base] JIS0 granite, [Turntable] Brass
  • Size: [base] 358W x 120H x 358Dmm, [platter] φ344 x 43Hmm
  • Weight: [base] 40kg, [platter] 28kg
  • Drive system: crystal follower motor drive without feedback XFD. Rotation transmission method filament drive (aramid fiber).
  • Drive motor: DC coreless, low noise motor
  • RPM: 33⅓, 45rpm.
  • Speed accuracy: ±0.3%
  • Wow/flutter: 0.2%/0.04% or less.
  • Power: AC100/120/200/240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 40W
  • Size: 130W×120H×358Dmm
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Accessories: AC power cable (rhodium plated), 2 drive cords, air hose Φ6, spirit level.
  • Options: Player Board LPB1, Air Supply POU2, Linear Arm AFU1-2 Base Plate: BPL1, Arm Attachment SAA1, LAA1.
  • Warranty: 5 years (except consumables)*1