Cube Audio writes: “Cube Audio introduces new fullrange drivers and loudspeakers. Complete customisation of the parts, hybrid magnetic motor, impregnated paper cone, ultra-linear suspension, and many more advanced in-house developed technologies, result not only in very good frequency response and measurements but most importantly make the sound quality unheard of when it comes to full-range drivers. You can expect fast but deep bass, second to none high frequencies, micro- and macro-dynamics, amazing but not exaggerated midrange, astonishing vocals, holography and the illusion of really being there when you listen to the music.”

Technical parameters of Fc8 driver: 

Resonant frequency – Fs  = 42 Hz 
Nominal Impedance – Z = 8 Ohm
Mechanical Quality Factor – Qms = 14.3
Electrical Quality Factor – Qes = 0.39
Total Quality Factor – Qts = 0.38
Bl Factor  = 8.6 T*m
Xmax = +- 3 mm*
Xdamage = +- 6 mm
Sensitivity @ 1Khz = 92 dB

2 models of drivers and loudspeakers are available: 
The Drivers: Fa8 – 490 and Fc8 – 790 Euro per driver. 
The Speakers: Bliss A – 4990 and Bliss C – 5990 Euro per pair (black or white piano finish).