New Cube Audio Jazzon Speakers

Cube Audio presents new Jazzon full-range loudspeakers that are based on also new F10 Select drivers.  Jazzon loudspeakers are very musical and immersive speakers that have all of the magic known to Cube Audio fans. Using a ferrite-based magnetic motor, no crossovers, rubber surround, and designing the speakers for 90 dB efficiency result in a very good balance of the sound in a relatively compact TQWT type cabinet. 

The Jazzon loudspeakers start at 7’990 Euro per pair for black or white satin finish and high gloss or natural veneer finish versions cost 9’900 Euro per pair.  
F10 Select drivers that are used in Jazzon loudspeakers are a great choice for all DIY enthusiasts. The drivers don’t need any crossover and work very well in bass reflex, sealed or open baffle design. 
The F10 Select drivers are 2’990 Euro per pair.