This is a master clock for high-end audio is made by combining the technology and know-how of Cybershaft. Equipped with 4 outputs, it can be used for systems that require multiple 10MHz inputs such as single DAC system and HUB.

A new OCXO Type 3 is installed by selecting a stable unit through long-term calibration.

The next generation linear regulator LT3045 is equipped with an ultra-low noise and ultra-high PSRR secondary power circuit. It covers up to the amazing low phase noise -121dBc / Hz (@offset 1Hz OP21A) grade.
This product adopts a new OCXO Type 3, and selects and mounts a unit with outstanding stability by long-term calibration.
In addition to the OCXO unit, a robust case made up of 3M wide-band magnetic shielding sheets and heat-shielding boards has been added to maintain an environment where OCXO performance can be maximized.
Equipped with 4 outputs that are convenient when multiple clock signals are required in a device configuration such as a single DAC or HUB. 50 ohm or 75 ohm impedance can be set for each system. 
The output GND potential can be connected to the GND of the main unit or isolated (isolated) for each channel. (Utility model application completed) We can finely handle the complicated GND processing that varies depending on the audio system used.
Since the clock output level can be switched between 1.6Vp-p and 3.0Vp-p with a switch, it can be used by connecting to almost all audio devices. (4 systems common switching type)
Equipped with an LED monitor that can control the OCXO unit temperature by operating the oven circuit normally.
The power supply uses a custom-made large R-core transformer with minimal leakage flux, and a precision conductor “102 SSC” is used for the lead wires. Equipped with a linear power supply with a proven track record using SiC Schottky barrier diodes, large-capacity low ESR capacitors, and OSCON.

In addition, the next generation linear regulator, ultra-low noise, ultra-high PSRR LT3045, is installed as a secondary power source. In order to operate LT3045 under the best conditions, it has a three-unit structure. The primary power supply supplied from the conventional power supply circuit is a two-stage circuit that thoroughly eliminates noise with the secondary power supply.
It’s ossible to use an external DC power supply for future expansion. The external DC power is supplied to OCXO via the TL3045 secondary regulator circuit. It can operate with only an external DC power supply.
The internal substrate uses a 70 μm thick copper foil substrate, which is twice the normal size. The internal layout, which has been repeatedly verified, is in the best condition.
In addition to the aluminum material of 2mm thickness, the pure copper plate of 3mm thickness is fixed to the bottom of the chassis, and it has a solid damping structure of 5mm in total. In addition, we adopt aluminum die-casting three-point support feet that can stabilize any installation surface. 4mm screw can be replaced with optional spike insulator.
Strictly measure characteristics using a highly calibrated measuring instrument. Plot phase noise and Allan variance for each unit to ensure clock quality.
A two-year free repair warranty is included.
Newly developed ultra-low noise and ultra-high PSRR linear power supply Equipped with a triple circuit that maximizes the performance of the new generation linear regulator TL3045
In addition to the output of the conventional power supply circuit, a double-structured power supply circuit equipped with a super high PSRR TL3045 is installed. It is designed to obtain the maximum PSRR by using three TL3045s in parallel to distribute the current.
In addition, when an external DC is used, DC via the TL3045 regulator is supplied to the circuit.
Output GND insulation / casing GND selection function OCXO OP20A / OP21A GND
∙ The GND potential of each output can be switched between “isolated from chassis GND” or “casing GND”. If the output GND of this unit is grounded in common, when multiple devices are connected, the GND potential difference of each device flows through the GND of the connection cable, which may cause noise called a GND loop. For this reason, it is usually better to isolate each output GND from noise. Depending on the system you are using, the ground of each device may be firmly grounded. If there is no GND potential difference between these devices, better results for noise may be obtained if the output GND is grounded to the chassis GND.
Since the environment of the audio system varies, you can choose the most suitable method according to your environment. The bottom plate of the machine is equipped with a chassis GND terminal.
External DC power supply
This unit is designed to connect an external DC power supply. If the main unit’s internal power switch is turned off and the DC selector switch is switched to external DC, it will operate completely with the external DC power supply.
The specification of external DC is 14V-16V 1A. The recommended voltage is 14V. Supply DC with as little ripple noise as possible so as not to induce noise inside.
RS 478-820
The external DC plug standard is 2.1mm / 5.5mm. A normal DC plug can also be used, but a plug of [RS product 487-820] is recommended because a screwable jack is used.
About OCXO Type3
We adopted OCXO with the most suitable specification for audio quality delivered by our orders from the world’s top manufacturers. Furthermore, in-house calibration is performed for several months after a new unit is delivered, and individuals with extremely stable characteristics are selected and installed. (The manufacturer name and model number are not disclosed.)
OCXO characteristics selection value
The OCXO installed in this product uses a new OCXO unit that has been calibrated for several months and is stable. In order to select optimally as a clock for audio, we comprehensively evaluate the phase noise characteristics and short-term stability (Alan dispersion) that can be further examined.
Selection standard value
Phase noise: OP20A -120 dBc / Hz or less at 1 Hz offset -140 dBc / Hz or less at 10 Hz offset
OP21A Offset-1dB or less -121dBc / Hz or less Offset 10Hz or -140dBc / Hz or less
Alan dispersion short-term stability (reference value)
OP20A TAU = 1sec 2.5E-13 or less (0.00025ppb / s)
OP21A TAU = 1sec 2.0E-13 or less (0.00020ppb / s)
The main criteria for grade selection at our company is the value of short-term stability of Alain dispersion. For example, even if the phase noise value is -121 dBc / Hz or less with an offset of 1 Hz, if the short-term stability Tau = 1 sec does not meet the standard, it will not be OP21. This is the same as the previous OP grade selection method.
The above value is not a general catalog value (Typical) but a guaranteed value measured individually, so the product quality is constant. There is no so-called “outage”.
* For the value of phase noise offset 1Hz, an appropriate value between 1.000Hz and 1.099Hz is adopted to avoid averaging error. The measurement of phase noise is very sensitive and has measurement and measurement errors. The indicated phase noise value is not an absolute value but includes measurement error. The indicated phase noise value is a value measured under the same conditions of our company and is an index of product grade classification.
The value of the short-term stability of Alain variance is not clearly defined by international standards, so there may be large errors between calibration laboratories. The above selected values ​​are the values ​​for our calibration equipment.
・ Each OP grade product must be accompanied by an “Option Grade Certificate” with a hologram.
A tamper-proof seal is affixed in the center. A hologram is printed on the right edge. In addition, a hologram sheet with the serial number written on the option grade certificate is affixed to the OCXO unit.
Please be sure to check before purchasing a second-use.
Compatible audio products
“ESOTERIC Grandioso K1, P1x, P1, D1x, D1, K-01Xs, K-01X, K-01, K-03Xs, K-03X, K-03, K-05Xs, K-05X, K-05, K -07Xs, K-07X, K-07, D-02X, D-02, D-05X, D-07X, P-02, P-02X, N-01, N-05, G-0, G-0s , G-0Rb, G-02, G-03X, G-25U, TASCAM CG1000 / dCS Vivaldi clock, Paganini clock, Scarlatti Clock / MUTEC iCLOCK, MC-3 +, MC-3 + USB / Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX HD, OCX-V, OCX, TRINITY / BRAINSTORM DCD-8 / Phaseteck HD-7A / Phasemation HD-7A192 / SFORZATO DSP-01, DSP-Vera, DSP-Dorado, DST-01, DSP-03, DSP-05 / TEAC UD -503, UD-505, NT-503, NT-505 / SPEC RMP-X1 / Sound Warrior SWD-CL10 / TechDAS D-7, D7i / RATOC RAL-DSDHA2 / M2TECH EVO DAC TWO PLUS, HIFACE EVO TWO / CH Precision C1, D1 / aurender W20 / soulnote D-2 / SOtM sMS-200ultra, tX-USBultra, SOtM sNH-10G (both require master clock input function) / GUSTARD U16 / iFi Audio Pro iDSD “
Other master clock generator with 10MHz clock input, CDP, DDC, DAC, Audio HUB, etc.
* If you are unsure of the specifications of the device you are using, please contact us with the model name from the “Contact Us” form.
  • 10MHz oscillator with ultra low phase noise OCXO Type3
  • Accessories AC power cable, instruction manual, test report, phase noise / Allan dispersion characteristic graph
  • 3 75 ohm end terminals (for unused output termination)
  • ○ A BNC cable is available as an option.
  • Output: 10 MHz x 4 systems, sine wave
  • Output level: 1.6Vp-p when LOW, 3.0Vp-p when HIGH (when 4 ohms common switching 50 ohm)
  • Output impedance: 50 Ohm / 75 Ohm
  • Output GND potential: Switchable between GND / insulation of main unit (each system can be switched independently)
  • Body size: W230mm x D250mm x H95mm (including protrusions) H100mm when using options
  • Weight 3.8kg
  • Power supply: AC100V 50 / 60Hz Maximum 30W Normal 8W
  • (AC110V-127V or 220V-240V can be changed as an option)
  • External DC power supply

Model number: UPOCXO-OP20A Price ¥ 612,500 (tax included)
Model number: UPOCXO-OP21A Price ¥ 743,700 (tax included)