New DALI KORE Flagship Speakers

DALI writes: “We are proud to reveal our new (80k EUR) state-of-the-art flagship loudspeaker, DALI KORE, at the 2022 High End Show. Designed, crafted, and built by DALI, at our facilities in Denmark, this new powerhouse of a speaker incorporates all new DALI technologies resulting in an outstanding sound performance.” 

“The DALI KORE represents for DALI a design, electroacoustic, engineering, manufacturing and musical rebirth.”

– Lars Worre,  DALI CEO


At DALI, we have a passion for music. For four decades we have created loudspeakers built on our own past achievements. Step by step, we’ve evolved our products to enrich the lives of our customers through a love of music, and excellence in audio reproduction.

And now we’re taking the next step in that narrative, investing everything we know in the finest speaker we are able to make:

The DALI KORE – Because only music matters.