New darTZeel NHB series upgrade plan!

All darTZeel NHB-series can now be rejuvenated: “NHB series darTZeel instrument you own, an upgrade is available right now. Your beloved audio instrument can be raised to a new level of performance, while avoiding your equipment becoming obsolete, in the purest darTZeel tradition. On this occasion, you will even take another decade ahead of the competition. To give you the best possible quality and insurance your upgraded instruments will perform as brand new ones, upgrades will only be processed factory-direct. Doing this way will also give you better value for the money.”

NHB-458 model one upgrade program: CHF 25,000.00

This major upgrade is the biggest improvement you can offer to your already magnificent NHB-458.By upgrading it to the level of the NHB-468, you will then get the best of the best.What is replaced / upgraded: i.Full audio and monitoring circuits, with same component parts than in the NHB-468.ii. Full new internal software, with improved peak power metering accuracy.What is not replaced:i.The front panels. If you want to replace front panels to reflect the “NHB-468” change, it will cost an additional CHF 3,000.00. For any question, details, upgrade schedule, or any other thing you have in mind, please directly contact me at rehve@darTZeel.comI am very happy knowing that you will soon experiment a further elevated way to listen to music.
NHB-18NS preamplifier upgrade program steps:
Step One: CHF6,500.00 Basic upgrade
Step Two: CHF10,000.00 Step One included
Step Three: CHF12,000.00 Steps One and Two included
NHB-108 model one upgrade program: CHF 12,000.00
Do not be worried for your retailer, he will get a bonus reward for his past fidelity, and he will even be happy to help you for shipping back your equipment at some reasonable expense in case you wouldn’t want to handle this by yourself. 
Where to ship your NHB series instrument? darTZeel Audio SA2 chemin Louis-Hubert 1213 Petit-Lancy / Geneva Switzerland. Telephone: +41 (22) 793 82 83
Before shipping, contact us to properly schedule your upgrade!Upgrade pricing policyAll upgrade prices are based on the following prerequisite:
•Your equipment is in full operational conditions
•There are no damaged mechanical parts to be replaced
•Shipping back to darTZeel must be done in the original box, or in a box which ensures same shipping protection
•darTZeel already took care in advance for you about shipping insurance; no need to insure, provided you well packed everything. In case of any doubt or question, just ask us, we will be pleased to assist you.
Sincerely and truly yours –Hervé Delétraz