New Degritter Statement Vinyl Record Machine

Degritter writes: “As some of our eagle-eyed friends noticed, a couple of the machines we attended the Munich High End Society with really stood out.”

“At the end of last year we celebrated our 5th anniversary and to mark the occasion, started work on developing a fabulous statement concept machine. While still in development, we’ll likely present the actual prototype with the full feature list and finalised design this coming autumn. This version of the machine will be a premium statement edition and, if we were to speak in terms of cars, this is the sports edition that will go faster and make people’s heads turn when you speed past them. Some of the elevated features will include:”

  • Dual water tank to wash first with cleaning fluid and then rinse with clean water.
  • Smart ultrasonic frequency – dual frequencies of 80 kHz and 120 kHz with the first for larger particles and the latter for the best sparkling results. 
  • More transducers – 6 altogether to be precises – for more powerful ultrasonic cleaning.

The red and black machines pictured are actually the same, just in different colourways. We noticed that the red garnered a lot of attention on social media. Drop us a comment below what you think would be the best colourway.