Here is the official info about the Duntech Princess C5800 Signatrue ($110,000 Australian dollars) speakers… “Winning the accolade as the “world’s most accurate loudspeaker” was no accident. It was the result of research over four decades to design a product that faithfully reproduced sound as it is heard naturally by the human ear. Duntech’s engineers involvement in early de- signs of ground base communication and telemetry antennae for NASA lunar moon landing enabled us to develop a depth of knowledge of how wave energy propagates. This enabled Duntech to redefining new parameters of sound reproduction, resulting in a breakthrough with new measurement technique of frequency, phase response, time alignment, crossover network and diffraction control. With these knowledge, a pulse coherent loudspeaker that contains all the nuances of a complex musical sound was born.”

Like all Duntech classic designs, the new Princess is a sealed box design constructed entirely from Finland Birch plywood. The front panel itself is 91mm thick and the cabinet are heavily braced to achieve maximum stiffness. The whole speaker weighs a massive 140kg per speaker. The metal plinth is a combination of aluminium and stainless steel sandwich and supported on 4 precision massive stainless steel spikes.
The mid-range tweeter section was milled out of a 50mm thick solid aluminium alloy. Diffractions are treated by a combination of felt and angular face much like a “stealth” fighter aircraft.
The entire crossover of the Signature version features CFM internal wiring and is “Hardwired” with consideration to direction of signal flow. Silver solder is used from the crossover to the drive units and to minimize microphonic influence, it is located outside and behind the cabinet that enables enable the speaker to give us her best performance.