New English Acoustics Stereo 41c

English Acoustics writes: “We are thrilled to be able to finally announce this power amplifier and show you the whole product. Featuring in-house designed output transformers that provide 25W/Channel from 8Hz-60KHz.”
“We listened to those who love our Stereo 21c and gathered important feedback with how the bigger brother should be laid out which is why the Stereo 41c now has a forward facing power switch, balanced and unbalanced inputs on the rear and with the left and right speaker terminals the expected way round (from looking at the front of the amplifier, the left channel is on the left and the right channel is on the right).
The dual mono and valve rectified design utilises EL506 output tubes to deliver a smooth yet punchy sound, we are incredibly happy with the sound of this amplifier and we are sure you will be too.
More details to follow with the first orders expected to be delivered early April.
  • 25W/Channel ultra linear
  • 8Hz-60KHz
  • <0.1% distortion
  • SNR: better than 90dB reference @ 1W
  • Dual mono design
  • Valve rectified
  • Balanced/unbalanced inputs
  • Bespoke output transformers designed in-house and made locally
  • CNC billet end caps
  • Automotive-grade paint finish
  • EL506 output tubes
  • Made in Britain certified