New Enleum HPA-23RM Headphone Amp

Enleum proudly releases their second ambitious work, HPA-23RM. The HPA-23RM is our new reference dedicated headphone amplifier. The amplifier is for both high-end desktop usage and mobile usage – hence using “R” for reference and “M” for mobile in the product name. Continuing Enelum legacy in the headphone amplifier design with up-to-date technologies, the HPA-23RM follows in the footsteps of the AMP-23R and brand’s legacy products, Bakoon HPA-21 and HPA-01M. 

The HPA-23RM contains two amplifiers in one package as it features both voltage and current outputs. 
The voltage output circuit inherits from the AMP-23R’s latest MOSFETs output stage with the simplified version of JET2 Bias circuit, while its unique current output is a direct descendent of the HPA-21’s bipolar transistor based circuit, with yet an even more refined modern design and advanced technologies. 

In addition, thanks to the technological advancements in the battery power supply design and efficient thermal design, one can now listen to Enleum’s reference circuits in a much smaller package.
Initial release: Limited first production of 250 pcs to be released from November, 2022.