The new and upcoming Esoteric Grandioso M1X is the flagship monaural power amplifier and it will be available in April. The Esoteric Grandioso M1X monaural power amplifier is a complete revision of the conventional Grandioso M1 and adds a number of the latest circuit technologies, including the world’s first super junction ESOTERIC SJ-BJT01 bipolar transistor which is only used by Esoteric. From dignified silence to burgeoning passion with Esoteric Grandioso M1X music is richly portrayed.


  • Esoteric’s original, world’s first power amplifier element * Esoteric’s bipolar transistor “ESOTERIC SJ-BJT01” is incorporated. An element that has both high withstand voltage and low on-resistance, flows smoothly not only at large currents but also small currents, and can naturally reproduce sensitive signals up to high-energy signals.
  • Power linearity according to the theoretical value from 300W at 8Ω load to 1,200W at 2Ω load.
  • Equipped with dedicated toroidal transformers in each of the voltage gain stage and the current gain stage.
  • The current gain stage is equipped with a large ESOTERIC custom toroidal transformer with a core size of over 3,000 VA.
  • A new custom capacitor with a large capacitance of 60,000uF is installed in the power supply section of the current gain stage.
  • In addition to the balanced and unbalanced input terminals, the circuit has a dedicated input terminal for the original current transfer method “ES -LINK Analogue”.
  • The circuit ES -LINK Analogue is equipped with “IDM-01” (Integrated Discrete-Amplifier Module) developed with Grandioso C1X.
  • Audio signal control with FET elements not affected by mechanical contacts
  • A low-impedance product with a thickness of 105 μm, which is three times thicker than the conventional ones, is used for the copper foil of the power supply/amplifier board.
  • Buffer amplifier with the balanced input stage

Uncompromising construction
  • Hybrid structure chassis with main chassis and bottom chassis with different rigidity
  • A total of 3 transformer configurations equipped with an R core transformer dedicated to the control system
  • ESOTERIC custom unequal length heat sink fins
  • The semi-floating top panel that brings out the feeling of release of sound
  • ESOTERIC’s unique pinpoint foot that combines the effect of spike foot and ease of handling
Main Specifications
  • Maximum output: 300W (8Ω) / 600W (4Ω) / 1,200W (2Ω)
  • Input terminal: ES-LINK Analog x 1 system, RCA x 1 system, XLR x 1 system
  • Speaker output terminal: 1ch
  • Trigger terminal: IN x 1, THRU x 1 (power can be turned on / off in conjunction with Grandioso C1X)
  • External dimensions: 491 x 221.5 x 535 mm (W x H x D, including protrusions)
  • Mass: 63 kg