New Fleetwood Modulus! Vinyl Rack

Fleetwood Sound is proud to introduce yet another new equipment rack: the Modulus! “You want vinyl records to be a centerpiece of your home. You’ve invested in your record collection and the audio gear to play it back. But you need furniture that will house all of that properly. 

Furniture that is rock solid (records are heavy), holds lots of LP’s in an attractive way and will support your record player and gear with no vibrations or unwanted noise entering into the system. You also want flexibility, because you keep adding records and may want to change or add audio components in the future.” 
We wanted the same thing, but when we looked around, we didn’t find anything. So we created the Fleetwood Modulus Vinyl Record Storage System.
Based upon modular design principles, Modulus features pieces which can stand alone or attach together to form larger ensembles. The heart of Modulus is the 3’ length vinyl record storage rack, with angled shelves that make seeing your records much easier, and the 2’ length audio component rack with flat shelves. The top of the rack can be varied in depth from 16” to 22” by using optional brackets, and can be made any length. Each rack can be freestanding, or bolt together to any length combination, quickly and easily. 
Vertical shelves will be coming soon and allow you to stack your vinyl higher. The racks are laser cut out of very heavy .25” cold rolled steel, powder coated with a durable black wrinkle finish. Our standard shelves are made from solid boards of sustainably harvested Pennsylvania Hickory wood. Shelves and top can be custom made in any wood or material such as slate, marble, granite or glass.
Ships flat via freight, assembles easily and quickly with a supplied wrench and nut driver.
Industrial design by David D’Imperio.