New from HB Laboratories in the UK

Hybrid Mains and Speaker cables. Yin Yan, design uses both pure copper and silver plated copper so the load is balanced. The mains power cable earth conductors is combined silver plated and pure copper because we think earth is possibly the most important connection for clean and silent background audio reproduction, live conductors are silver plated for fast current deliverance  and maintaining the mains frequency. Speaker cable negative is pure copper so non of the wide bandwidth return load is altered and gets delivered perfectly to the amplifier filter capacitors. 

“When speaker cables are wired the other way pure copper used on positive, trebles sounds much richer yet the bass is warm and not as punchy. Ten in one design, after carefully studying what makes popular brands standout from the rest, we combined all the technology into our cables. The mains connectors takes advantage of wood shells for lowest resonance and there is thick aluminium couple ring which reduces the foreign vibrations. Attractive finishes to compliment the high quality of the cables.”