New Furutech Project V1 Flagship Power Cable

Japanese cable and connector specialist Furutech announces the launch of a brand-new flagship power cable incorporating the company’s proprietary electrical and mechanical damping material, NCF.  Created by Furutech, Nano Crystal2 Formula (NCF) is found exclusively in Furutech products. It features a special crystalline material that has two distinct properties: it generates negative ions that eliminate static and converts thermal energy into far infrared.

When combined with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder, these crystals become the ultimate electrical and mechanical damping material. Furutech’s superbly crafted Project V1 power cord is the culmination of more than 30 years’ research into the pure transmission of AC power. At its core is a three-layer concentric combination of two of the best conductors Furutech has found for high-performance sound reproduction: the company’s own renowned silver-coated, Alpha-treated Ohno Cast Copper (OCC), along with Mitsubishi’s Ultra Crystallized High Purity Copper (DUCC), one of the highest-purity oxygen-free coppers in the world. 
The Mitsubishi DUCC conductor begins with an extremely pure oxygen-free copper which is then processed using new technology designed to optimally align the conductor’s crystals while also reducing the number of crystal-grain boundaries, resulting in tremendous efficiency.
Furutech’s OCC conductor, meanwhile, offers the benefit of larger and more ‘fibrous’ crystals, in which one dimension is longer than the other two, so as to create as few crystal junctions as possible. Again, since the copper molecules / crystals that make up the conductor wire are elongated in the direction of the conductor, fewer crystal boundaries occur within any length of wire. 
Furutech then further treats this optimized hybrid configuration with its trademark two-stage ‘Alpha’ cryogenic and demagnetization process, designed for superior electrical conductivity. 
The combination is then double shielded and double insulated, the latter including a special hybrid polyethylene insulation incorporating a nano-ceramic and carbon powder damping material.
The Project V1’s connectors are brand new and exclusive to this power cord. Their conductors are formed with non-magnetic rhodium-coated, Alpha-treated pure copper. The connectors and cable damping rings all incorporate Nano Crystal2 Formula (NCF) in combination with a special high-grade nylon insulation. The connector housings, as well as the damping rings, are formed using a four-layer hybrid NCF carbon fibre, finished with a special hardened clear damping coating. 
The Project V1 is painstakingly designed to deliver pure, uncoloured power to any high-performance audio and AV system. The results are extremely fine resolution down and through the very low noise floor, improved sound staging and image palpability. Low frequencies are cleaner with a greater sense of definition. Bass is tight and controlled, with a musical and appealing midrange – plus power and dynamics to spare.   

Pricing & availability

Furutech’s Project V1 power cable is available now, priced at £8,000 (inc. VAT; 1.8m length).