New Graphite Audio Classic Line Isolation Platforms

“In 2020, Graphite Audio, launched a line of anti-vibration accessories made from a revolutionary polymer: IC-35 and IC-35 Premium Isolation Cones, CIS-35 Cable Isolation Stands and ISSB-40 Isolation Speaker Spike Bases. The inconspicuous accessories have been extremely well received worldwide thanks to their natural and lifelike performance.”

“Now, after almost 2 years of extensive R&D and experiments with an infinite number of materials, Graphite Audio proudly announces launching the CLASSIC Line of Isolation Platforms. As all Graphite Audio accessories, the CLASSIC Line Isolation Platforms feature our non-metallic and antimagnetic design from top to bottom in order to provide the most natural and involving sound.
The CLASSIC Line Isolation Platforms are made from the highest quality plywood, where each veneer is just 0,5mm thick, and are combined with our renowned polymer feet. The platforms will immediately elevate the performance of any Hi-Fi, High-End or Ultra High-End component by expanding the soundstage, increasing overall resolution without exaggerating any frequency range and providing intimate and lifelike musical experience.
The CLASSIC Line consists of four platforms: CLASSIC 40, CLASSIC 40 ULTRA, CLASSIC 100 and CLASSIC 100 ULTRA. CLASSIC 40 platforms are 40mm thick (incl. feet) and are designed to be placed on the shelves or racks, whilst CLASSIC 100 are 100mm thick (incl. feet) and are designed to be placed on the floor to act as amp stands. However, a CLASSIC 100 Isolation Platform can also be placed on a rack or shelf, provided there is enough space and load capacity available.
ULTRA versions of CLASSIC 40 and CLASSIC 100 are equipped with Graphite Audio polymer board to provide ultimate, immersive, and unforgettable musical experience. Without any compromise, the ULTRA platforms bring to live all Graphite Audio technological advances and craftsmanship to become a true reference in High-End and Ultra High-End systems.
Thanks to the magnitude of the available finishes and minimalistic design, the platforms will visually blend into any system, proudly exposing precious components.”


  • CLASSIC 40 – 1999€ (RAL Palette); 2629€ (Natural Veneer)
  • CLASSIC 40 ULTRA – 4429€ (RAL Palette); 5059€ (Natural Veneer)
  • CLASSIC 100 – 3569€ (RAL Palette); 4199€ (Natural Veneer)
  • CLASSIC 100 ULTRA – 5999€ (RAL Palette); 6629€ (Natural Veneer)
The first platforms will be shipped to the distributors and customers between the end of May and beginning of June 2023.