The experienced developer and industrial designer Helmut Thiele has long enjoyed legendary status among insiders. He was and is working for such illustrious names as Thorens and Genuin, among others. He was chief designer for Magnat and Heco for 25 years. Many of its products have received international awards. 

Well, in 2021, Helmut Thiele could actually have retired happily and looked back on an extremely successful professional life. Instead, he wanted to know again and solve a puzzle that has haunted him for ten years: What does the perfect tonearm for an analog drive have to look like?

Completely freed from any time and budget restrictions, Thiele began working on his first own product. After many years of research and development, he finally presents the result of his efforts: The Zero Tracking Error Tonearm Thiele TA01.

“I’ve really heard a lot, but the TT01 opens the door to a completely new world. It delivers an incredibly fine resolution with limitless dynamics – and combines this with complete order and calm in the sound image that I have never been able to experience with vinyl.

ATR is offering the TT01 for the market launch in September only as a package including TA01 in a tailor-made flight case at an RRP of 19,500 euros.

The TA01 tonearm will also be available individually from September. It is delivered in a high-quality case with extensive accessories and detailed assembly instructions. The RRP is 9,500 euros.

“In my work as a designer and developer, I worked for many different industries for more than 40 years and got to know a lot of products, materials, and technologies. From this wealth of experience, I selected and combined the pearls that made it possible for me to realize this tonearm and this drive with this unique performance. ”Says Helmut Thiele about the combination of TA01 and TT01.

The production of both components takes place according to the highest quality standards in elaborate manual work in Germany. This also ensures the combination with numerous drives, because Thiele produces individual base plates for optimal assembly of the TA01 if required. On the connection side, the TA01 also offers all imaginable options.