New Hypostatic Blackbird Speakers.

Hypostatic Blackbird is a small floorstanding loudspeaker. It’s hybrid construction brings together a monopole woofer unit with an outstanding CMD driver. Woofer unit is made of steel and side panels are birch plywood. Panels are colored with stain and matte finished with special oil wax which is based on natural plant raw materials.

CMD magnetostatic driver

We designed our own CMD driver (curved magnetostatic dipole) which produces the Mid and High frequencies. Thin and light diaphragm is capable of producing every little detail in the audio signal. The diaphragm is curved to avoid excess directivity at high frequencies. Driver uses super strong neodymium magnets.


– CMD 705 for mid/hi
– 8″ woofer in a vented box made of powder coated steel
– Crossover point 250Hz
– Nominal impedance 4ohm
– Sensitivity 87db/2,83V/1m
– Weight 40kg, height 103cm
– WEIPU SA Series Push-Pull Connector (cables include)
– 10 year warranty for assembling and all parts
Price is 6490€/pair + shipping costs. Available in EU and shipping time is about 12 weeks (spring 2023 situation). For other countries, ask for more information by email.