New Kerr Acoustic K200 Speakers

Already a well-known name in professional audio circles, Kerr Acoustic has spent the past few years bringing its high-resolution loudspeakers to the home audiophile market as well as the pro studio. Now, the company announces its long-awaited K200 model, designed to deliver ‘compromise free’ performance in a compact design

Kerr Acoustic’s new K200 is a three-way stand-mount loudspeaker. “It takes many of the same ingredients that make our reference K100 model so special, and presents them in a format which is far more manageable for a wider range of spaces,” says designer Jes Kerr. Despite its more diminutive dimensions, the K200 succeeds in delivering a surprisingly large proportion of the top-of-range K100’s performance, including its impressive frequency response, power handling capabilities and sense of sonic scale.
The K200 is constructed exclusively from 24mm Baltic birch plywood. Like all Kerr models, it features the company’s unique Kerr Acoustic transmission line loading, in which a real breakthrough in frequency response and extension are achieved by way of exceptionally well-controlled and extended bass alongside a clear, uncoloured midrange.
Kerr Acoustic’s loudspeakers feature a combination of drivers that is rare in both home and professional audio, and the K200 is no exception. At the bottom end is a brand new 10-inch Radial bass driver from Dorset-based Volt, which is married with a 3-inch, low-distortion domed fabric mid-range driver and a 60mm true ribbon tweeter.
“We’ve been using Volt’s 12-inch bass driver in our reference-level K100 model for some time now and have been staggered by its performance. So it’s an honour to be the first manufacturer to bring this very special new driver into a commercial product,” explains Kerr.
“The thing about pro speakers,” he adds, “is that they’re designed to be acutely detailed and realistic – and to continue being ever more so as you turn up the volume. For the audiophile home listener, this combination of accuracy, energy and musicality can be equally irresistible.”
Whether you require a compromise-free monitoring solution in your mix / mastering studio, or the ultimate reproduction of fine detail in your personal system, the K200 guarantees a truly revealing, and fully extended, sonic performance. It is available in a range of real wood veneer finishes, including Oak, Walnut and Rosenut, as well as either satin or high-gloss lacquer in any RAL colour.

Pricing and availability

Kerr Acoustic’s new K200 loudspeaker will be available from 1st May 2023. Supplied with magnetic grilles as standard. Custom stands available separately. Prices as follows, per pair (inc. VAT): 
  • Real wood veneer £19,995
  • Satin lacquer £20,995
  • High gloss lacquer £21,495
  • High gloss veneer £21,995
  • K200 stands (per pair) £1,995