A sneak peek photo (pro photos to follow) of the new and upcoming (2022) Kinomena Confluence Double Bass speakers during fine-tuning. The main loaded horn is based on a planar magnetic driver, made of high-quality solid wood, operating from 200hz to 20khz. Below and above there is a pair of open baffle servo basses. The frequency response follows the Harman listener curve but can be adjusted individually.

There are various crossover options such as transformer passive, external active analog, or fully active crossover with DSP.

Layered Solid Cherry wood horns 

Each Confluence speaker has a solid cherry wood horn made up of cnc cut layers. The horns are then sanded, painted and polished by hand with exquisite piano finishing. 

1. Gapless Marine Birch Plywood main structure

The structure of our speaker is built with gapless marine birch plywood in layers. The same quality of piano finishing is then applied.

2. The crossover and amplifier options built on back cover.

Confluence speaker has three options. 

Active dsp version which uses dsp crossover and class D amps built by Hypex. 

The active analog version which gives the option of adjustable analog crossovers built on fets which lets you use your own preferred amplifiers.

The passive version which uses a patented transformer based first order crossover. Transformers are custom built to the highest degree. 

Each three versions are interchangeable with just changing into the appropriate back cover.

3. Planar Magnetic Ribbon midrange drivers

There are two 10″ planar magnetic ribbon drivers that are horn loaded from 200 hz providing flat and efficient response with vanishingly low distortion and flat impedance.

4. Damped solid steel dividers

Non magnetic steel is carefully damped with butyl mats. 

5. Planar Magnetic Ribbon tweeters

A single high efficiency 3″ tweeter is horn loaded from 2 khz providing flat, efficient and extended response with vanishingly low distortion and flat impedance.

6. Servo Bass Woofers

There are two 12″ bass woofers with rythmik patented servo system. The woofers are from GR Research with paper membrane providing great transient response. They are installed in open baffle H-frames that are loading your room to get fast and high quality bass.

7. Servo Bass amplifier

All three versions of the Confluence speaker uses class AB amplifiers with servo technology patented by Rythmikaudio and modified by GR Research for open baffle typology. The amplifiers have onboard eq options that can be defeated, damping options and extension options to help you further sculpt the best bass response in your specific room and set-up.