New LampizatOr hybrid monoblocks

LampizatOr opens a new chapter with the METAMORPHOSIS (working name) solid-state hybrid monoblocks… 

Lukasz Fikus writes: “The first pair just goes to front panel finishing. (Hence two colors on the picture) But its sound already won the hearts of our entire team. When your name is LampizatOr, you just have to have a pair of tubes in the front. But for those who need unlimited power, headroom and drive – there is a 350 Watt per channel monster power, playing with the finesse of the finest SET tube.

“If this amp wasn’t as good as the best – we wouldn’t bother making it. We want to target the crowded market and take some of it away from Pass, Krell, Rowland, McIntosh, Hegel, Gryphon and the like. And all the KT push-pull amps as well.  Best of Both Worlds is a cliche, but this is EXACTLY what these monoblocks represent.”