LampizatOr The Pacific is the new reference „flagship” model. The phenomenal musical result is a combination of eight factors that rarely meet in one product:

  • DSD native filter technique, most advanced PCM processing known. 
  • Use of DHT tubes in one stage, zero feedback fashion, in purest Active Anode Load SET mode. MUNDORF silver/gold capacitors selected after testing all the world leading caps. 
  • Hand made with silver wiring in teflon insulation, gold plated PCB traces, Tube „diode and chokes” power supply with grosly oversized parameters 
  • Use of metal foil power supply capacitors instead of cheap electrolytic.
  • Use of the best FPGA asynchronous and custom powered USB with two own clocks and customised firmware.
  • Use of resistor ladder discrete volume control

The tubes we use are 101D, 300B, 6A3, 245 or 45’s,242 and PX4 (interchangeable). Yes-you CAN roll them all in every DAC, which is an ultra rare solution. We are proud in being the pioneer of this technology.
We also used DHD directly heated diodes as rectifiers (5U4G is the standard), but one can roll 274B, 5c3s, 5U4, 5R4, GZ34, 5Y3.