PR: 11th May 2017, Welshpool: Leema Acoustics has reworked its famous Pulse amplifier for 2017, dramatically improving performance and adding new contemporary features, including a high-quality phono stage, aptX Bluetooth, plus a 32-bit/384kHz DSD-capable DAC, ready for its international debut at High End (£2,295)
Leema Acoustics has relaunched one of its best-loved amplifiers, the Pulse, for 2017. Led by its ex-BBC engineering team, the company has added new features, improved performance and flexibility, and introduced all-new casework. Now in its fourth generation, the new Pulse IV will form part of the newly re-launched Spectrum range and will make its international debut in pre-production form at High End, Munich, in May 2017.

The amplifier retains all of the original qualities that made it a favourite amongst consumers and critics alike, with the addition of contemporary touches. In readiness for the digital age, the new 2017 Pulse IV boasts an incredible seven-input DAC that enables the amplifier as a genuine ‘digital hub’ for any system.

The DAC features a 32-bit/384kHz-DSD capable Sabre DAC with XMOS USB Type-B input, a further six digital inputs: three optical and three electrical S/PDIF, plus aptX Bluetooth, enabling a wide range of digitally connected devices to benefit from Leema’s celebrated sound quality. 
Super high-quality phono stage as standard
In addition to its generous digital connectivity, the Pulse IV adds further flexibility, catering for today’s vinyl resurgence with the addition of an extraordinarily high-quality MM/MC phono stage taken from Leema’s award-winning standalone Essentials phono stage (£595).
The phono input joins five additional line-level inputs, making the Pulse IV highly flexible and easy to integrate into existing systems with multiple components. 
A powerful 80-watt design, the Pulse IV has sufficient capacity to drive all speaker types, including those with difficult loads. In addition to its generous output power, the Pulse IV also features a high-quality front-panel-mounted headphone amplifier for late night or personal listening.
For added flexibility, the Pulse IV also features two pairs of preamp outputs enabling connection to a range of devices, including power amps and subwoofers, plus a dedicated fixed-level record output adds further versatility for archiving music. Further features include single speaker outputs and unbalanced RCA connectivity throughout. 
The new model forms part of the re-introduced Spectrum range and like all Leema Acoustics’ electronics, the Pulse IV is hand-crafted in the Welshpool factory.
• Inputs (analogue): 5x line level 
• Phono input: MM/MC (taken from Essentials phono stage)
• Inputs (digital): 3x electrical S/PDIF; 3x optical S/PDIF; 1x USB Type-B 32-bit/384kHz PCM    and DSD capable Sabre DAC; Bluetooth 
• Outputs: 2x pairs of preamp outputs; single speaker outputs; headphone output; 1x fixed- level record output
• Nominal power: 80W RMS in to 8 Ohms
• Connections: all unbalanced RCA (no XLRs)
• Weight: 11kg
• Dimensions: (WxHxD) 435x90x375mm
Price and availability
The Pulse IV will be available in early autumn priced at £2,295 and offered in black/silver