Lefson France has just announced the release of the new LEFSON RESISTOR-D (dual) audio resistor line… The audio resistors LEFSON RESISTOR and LEFSON RESISTOR-D (dual) are very high-performance pure silver/carbon audio resistors. They are made of a pure graphite resistive element and pure silver leads. Suitable for speaker crossover or Emitter/Source resistor of transistors in preamplifier/amplifier, the LEFSON RESISTOR and LEFSON RESISTOR-D are pushing up the limits of sound reproduction.

The different lines PREMIUM, SUPRA and ULTRA allow the user to choose the level of required performance. Near zero inductance and distortion, heat sinkable, mechanical earthing possibility, incredible neutrality, the LEFSON RESISTOR and LEFSON RESISTOR-D are the ultimate solution to improve any analog circuitry.

As all other LEFSON products, hand assembly and electric tests are made in our workshop in Northern France.
Our audio resistors are already used by many professionals and passionated audiophile people.
a passive attenuator (H-PAD, L-PAD, T-PAD…), output resistors of transistors stages (emitter, source) or simply any assembly of two resistors with a common point. There are many advantages : 
– Internal link of the common point
Reduced size
– Thermal stability
– Retail price lower than two single resistors
To achieve optimum results, they need to be burned-in with audio signals for at least 80 hours.
The LEFSON resistors are divided into six models, as shown in the table below. All ohmic values are available, according to the following ranges: