New LessLoss Blackbody v.2

“Now, 6 years later, we come back to all the seemingly contradictory, or at least misunderstood, aspects of the Blackbody’s strangeness with regards to placement. The first thing we tackled was its angle of effectiveness. We did this through re-design. The original Blackbody was effective at about 35 degrees due to the narrow angle of mirror surfaces within. It was highly directional in this sense. When set up, the 35 degree angle was limiting. How do we get more angle of effectiveness without requiring multiple units? In real world applications, placement was often forced to be too close for best angle coverage. This meant the device was limited in its effectiveness given the small angle of effectiveness.”

“We solved this by making this second version round. Now, EM energy entering at any angle or polarisation would be treated the same way. We could now also have an effective cone angle approaching 180 degrees from all sides.

This was very effective. At least it would be easy for the user to simply set it down somewhere on the rack and be done with it. The idea was that the angle of effectiveness was now so large that it really wasn’t crucial to aim it anymore. In this way we could release the product successfully as a “place-and-forget” device. It truly does outperform the original Blackbody even when placed willy-nilly on its back. Its smaller footprint is also much more user-friendly. Anybody will find room for this small disc even if it means just setting it down on the lid of some piece of gear. As it is not tall (18.5mm), often times it will even be possible to simply slide it under a piece of gear which rests on equipment feet. In this way we gained a lot of real world user flexibility in the new design.”
Complete essay at: link.