New Lundahl Transformers LL1545 input transformer

New version of Lundahl Transformers popular LL1545 input transformer! “The LL1545A is an excellent sounding line input transformer used in both pro audio and audiophile applications. However, one of the frequent critics regarding the LL1545A is the pinout. The fairly small LL1545A has in total 15 pins in two tight rows, and is probably too flexible for most users.”

“In the new version of the LL1545 (called LL1545E) we have kept the audio characteristics of the old LL1545A, but reduced the pin count significantly.

In addition, based on an idea from Saša Cokic from Trafomatic, the LL1545E primary windings are structured so that the transformer can be connected simultaneously for 1:1 for balanced input and 1:2 for unbalanced input, as indicated in the LL1545E data sheet: