Established in 1925, Luxman is among the world’s most enduring high-end audio marques. To commemorate its 95th anniversary, the Japanese specialist has revisited a classic, much-admired stereo integrated amplifier from the latter years of the 20th Century – the L-570 – and thoroughly re-engineered it inside and out to create the limited-edition (£11,000 inc. VAT) L-595A SE. 

Outwardly similar to the L-570 which launched in 1989, the L-595 SE’s appearance is enhanced by exquisite new design details and metal processing techniques. Inside, the circuitry has been thoroughly redesigned, retaining the pure Class A operation and overall design ethos of its celebrated forebear whilst utilising Luxman’s latest developments, including a three-stage, triple-paralleled push-pull configuration and ODNF-u feedback circuit.

With production limited to just 300 units, each one individually numbered, the L-595A SE is set to become a rare and sought-after amplifier that will delight audio connoisseurs for many years to come. Orders can now be placed in the UK at selected Luxman retailers.



  • Two-tone color/hair-line finish front panel that revives the image of the hit model L-570 series with current metal processing technology.
  • Direct selection type aluminum hairline square input selector that allows you to switch inputs intuitively and obtain a pleasant and reliable operation feel.
  • Direct-reading precision volume knob that illuminates the volume level with an LED installed in a large seated opening.
  • 6mm thick top plate has a beautiful hair-line finish to match the front panel and widened venting to improve heat dissipation. 
  • A cursive brand logo with deeply engraved lettering.

■Electric circuit/function

  • ODNF-u compatible 3-stage Darlington 3-parallel push-pull configuration, pure class A 30 watts-per-channel (8Ω) rated output with significantly improved high-frequency distortion characteristics.
  • Large, highly regulated power transformer and left and right independent 80,000 μF filter capacitors.
  • The output stage of the pre-amplifier circuit is equipped with a discrete buffer circuit that improves the driving force to the power amplifier block.
  • Equipped with the new LECUA1000 electronically controlled attenuator with integrated 88-step amplifier circuitry that realizes smooth volume control.
  • Achieves a high damping factor of 370 by lowering the impedance of the large speaker relay and speaker terminals.
  • Beeline construction that directs audio input signals via the optimum shortest route to the speaker output.
  • Non-angled circuit board tracing realizes smooth current transmission in consideration of the flow of delicate music signals. Built-in MM/MC compatible phono amplifier circuit that allows you to enjoy high-grade vinyl playback without purchasing an additional dedicated phono amplifier.
  • Volume-linked loudness function that matches human hearing characteristics, and a separate function that enables the addition of a power amplifier or connection to an AV system.

※ LECUA stands for LUXMAN Electric Controlled Ultimate Attenuator.


• Independent, loopless chassis construction that blocks any rise in ground impedance.

• Shielding plate mounting made from copper-plated steel to block external noise.

• Equipped with RCA input terminals made from a copper alloy which delivers the conductivity of copper and hardness of brass.

• Density gradient feet to block out vibration.

• Includes our high-end RA-17A aluminum remote controller that can also operate Luxman’s CD/SACD players.