New Lyngdorf class D amplifier

At ISE 2019 Lyngdorf is showing the prototype class D amplifier based a new patented class D amplification technology which is the brainwork of my co-founders of Purifi Audio, Bruno Putzeys and Lars Risbo. “This is the first of any class of audio amplifier which is completely indifferent to frequency, level and impedance variations. The actual performance is difficult to measure due to limitations to even the best test equipment (AP555). But we are specifying max 0,00015% THD+Noise, at ANY frequency 20-20KHz at 100 W/4 ohms. Intermodulation distortion WAY below any other technology. Notice the output impedance – scaled in micro Ohm!”

Peter Lyngdorf: “I understand the scepticism regarding new digital technology and musicality. After all there is a lot of bad sounding digital out there. Just think about the hyper compressed and distorted pop music. However if we are talking specifically about a power amplifier – then the quality should ultimately be judged by how little that amplifier changes the signal being amplified. If a power amplifier changes the signal then you can evaluate the sonic signature of that change. It is well known that some amplifiers with THD of 2% can sound nice while other with 0,05% can sound bad. This will mainly depend on the order of the distortion. Even order distortion will make it sound richer – and can cover up the un-even order distortion components. Our objective with Purifi is to completely remove any coloration in the power amplification stage. Objectively the Puriti amp is getting closer to this ideal than any other power amplifier. So what you will hear is what comes out of your pre-amplifier – but 27 dB louder. If you want a certain signature to your sound – f.instance you like the sound of tubes, then use a tube pre-amp and we will not change that sound at all.”