New Marten Mingus Septet Speakers

Marten writes: “Our current product line is the strongest it’s ever been, with international interest growing, we are proud of the performance of each series and model. This year, we have decided to consolidate our efforts into bringing a single product to market that complements the range we have established. We are thrilled to present the world premiere of our latest offering, Mingus Septet, at the Munich event. The new model will be featured in our room as well as in the room of our long-term collaborators, Engström. We believe that this product will exceed the expectations of our customers, and we can’t wait for them to experience it firsthand.”

We will also be showcasing other models at the event. Mingus Orchestra will be demonstrated in collaboration with our friends MSB, and a static display of Coltrane 3 will be exhibited in the IsoAcoustics room. We are looking forward to sharing these products with our customers and partners, and we hope to see you at the Munich event.
Mingus Septet is perfect for those that admire the power and performance of Mingus Orchestra, but want a lounge-friendly listening experience. With many similarities to its counterpart, Mingus Septet delivers high-level performance without compromise. It’s full-range, with deep bass and wide dynamics. The level of sound is a new paradigm for us.
Mingus Septet is a four-way speaker with seven drivers, featuring new custom Marten diamond tweeters and beryllium high midrange drivers: the result of four years of research and development. The speaker also boasts ceramic mid-bass midrange, aluminium sandwich honeycomb bass drivers and 10” passive bass drivers. Mingus Septet utilises our first-order crossover which has been adapted to make best use of the new custom drivers. Jorma internal wiring ensures superior performance with renowned shielding for transparent sound.
This year we launch Marten Finishes to offer customisation options for Mingus Septet: wooden tops and bottoms can be chosen in a range of coloured lacquer finishes, as well as our signature solid woods. This will also be available for other models in the Mingus series.
Mingus Septet features Marten Isolators, designed with IsoAcoustics for enhanced resonance reduction and distortion management. The aluminium trim provides a subtle design detail and increases resonance damping. Mingus Septet is upgradable to Statement Edition.
Early listening has produced very favourable results and we have been surprised with the performance of Mingus Septet. We are confident that it is a new benchmark and look forward to presenting it at Munich.


• From €108,000
(depending on wooden finishes)
• Upgradable to Statement Edition from €122,000
• Four-way
• First-order crossover
• 1” custom pure diamond tweeters
• 3” custom pure beryllium high midrange
• 7” pure ceramic mid-bass midrange
• 8” aluminium sandwich honeycomb bass (2)
• 10” passive aluminium sandwich (2)
• Jorma internal wiring
• Solid or lacquered wood tops and bottoms
• Aluminium trim
• Marten Isolators