New Marten Oscar series speakers

The demand for a true Marten speaker at a lower price (below €10000/pair) is one we had to answer. This was the starting point for the new Oscar series – a next-generation speaker. We stripped back the technology and started from scratch; designing the driver units to make the build possible. Leif designed unique drivers for Oscar, giving him the opportunity to tweak every aspect of its performance. The drivers are built to his exacting standards and the performance is outstanding.

The bespoke drivers, combined with our signature crossover, easily reach the bar set by the new Marten sound. Oscar competes with our higher-level models and compares well in the market, making the price-performance factor extraordinary. It’s high- performance, accessible and affordable.

With the technology working hard under-the-hood, we’ve kept the exterior design streamlined, solid and minimal: just as you’d expect. In essence, they are a new generation of Marten speakers.
This May we launch the series with floor-standing and bookshelf models: Oscar Trio and Oscar Duo.
Official launch: Munich High End, 9 – 12th May 2019 Marten Room F214 – Atrium 4.

Oscar Duo -recommended retail  €5500/pair
Oscar Trio – recommended retail €9000/pair