MBL Akustikgeräte offers 3 celebrated ranges of electronics and 6 models of omnidirectional loudspeakers. At this year’s MHE, we will be presenting the most recent additions to the award winning Noble Line series, the N11 Preamplifier and the N15 Mono Block Amplifiers. These two new products will be on active display, powering none other than our world renowned 101 E Mk II speakers.

Preamplifier N 11

State-of-the-art Preamplifier with MBL’s advanced technologies:
  • Unity Gain allows for maximum transparency and clarity, lower distortion and higher resolution, especially at lower listening levels.
  • Single Stage Gain concept
  • XLR prioritization for effective common mode rejection
  • 7 analog inputs (2+1 balanced)
  • 2 output groups
  • Mono Power Amplifier N 15

Mono block with MBL’s 2nd generation LASA output stage and soft clipping technology:
  • pure symmetrical layout
  • toroidal transformer with protective shield technology
  • effective common mode rejection
  • 560 watts (@ 4 Ohm) with 36 amp output current
  • 2 XLR inputs for connection of two preamplifiers
  • 1 XLR pass-through output for daisy chain

A varied program of presentations will accompany speaker system demonstrations at our booth. Our Chief Engineer, Jürgen Reis, will take the listeners into greater detail on the products themselves and the design philosophy behind each range. Signore Ricci, owner of the Italian record label fonè, will both educate and entertain the audience with a dissertation on his natural sound recording techniques. 
Alexander Scherf, cellist with the Concerto Köln, will speak of the cooperation in the classical world between MBL and his orchestra and he will perform excerpts from their latest release, a recording of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”.
Alternating audio listening sessions will take place between MBL’s flagship 101 X-treme powered by Reference Line components and the 101 E Mk II with the new Noble Line products.
You will find the MBL showroom situated in its usual location in Atrium 4.1 Room E102.