The new MHW Audio Ultimate Carbon-Oil is available in lengths of 9, 10.5, and 12 inches, both suitable for SME sliding bases and in a shaft version for standard 1-inch bores (25.4 mm). The native oil damping, the ingenious, smooth, and backlash-free single-point self-aligning ball bearing, the position-stable arm guide (no wobbling), and the consistently high manufacturing quality (100% Made in Germany) with many other innovative features are the key to success.

From 2021, the arm will have a permanently mounted headshell with an innovative design for universal system assembly including through-wiring from the pickup to the connector (Lemosa) of the “ULTIMATE CONNECT” connection box. OFC copper is standard or pure silver is optional.

The connection box with grounding, cinch, or optional XLR to be attached outside the arm can be attached to almost any turntable chassis without tools so that the conversion can also be carried out without any problems. For where this is not possible, a special solution can be offered on request.

In terms of sound, the patented ULTIMATE Carbon-Oil impresses with its unbelievable tonal directness and detachment, accompanied by bewitching stage-like transparency. The stylus of the pickup is free of any disruptive resonance influences of any kind, guided cleanly and calmly, and can carry out its task unhindered.

The credo of developer Helmut Biermann (MAGAUDIO) is:

Build a tonearm as simple as necessary, but as high quality as possible!

The always asked question about the sound of the tonearm is quickly answered: It has a sound … not! The Ultimate Oil Tonearm is dead in terms of resonance. Only the system sounds and that is completely freed from anything that interferes with the sound.

We are happy to accept pre-orders / reservations as the annual number will also be limited here.

We expect delivery from around April / May 2021.

Levar Ultimate Carbon Oil Tonarm: 3.900 Euro