New Orbitsound AIR D1 speakers

Daniel Fletcher Co-Founder writes: “The AIR D1 is an audio experience. Our mission has always been to realise Ted Fletcher’s dream of recreating the truest possible sound in every sense – in dynamics, fidelity and breadth. At Orbitsound we have extensively developed Airsound™ technology, and more recently Airamp technology, to greatly benefit our consumer and experimental systems. As a result, we are extremely proud of all our products, but they all have been built to a certain size, price or some other set of requirements. 
There has always been the question of ‘what if we don’t compromise?’. In the early days of this project, we quickly realised that the developments and our understanding of sound made through Airsound and Airamp technology might allow us to create something truly remarkable if we single-mindedly followed this goal — to create the greatest sound possible. 

There was no rulebook for making the AIR D1. We had to invent so much, draw on unique experiments, thoughts and experiences from the past forty-two years. Its design is unrestricted by anything as mundane as budget, physical size, or market. It’s about Ted’s dream. The story of its making is in some ways the personal journey of Ted and I. The AIR D1 is special in its entirety. It represents Ted’s life work, and the sum of my career to date.”