“As the exclusive dealer of the Pluto Audio in the Benelux Audio21 is proudly presenting renewed Pluto 12A Black MK2 turntable. Some of you who know me, knows that I’m always smiling, when I’m talking about the Pluto. And with a reason, of course. This morning we finally received the two brand new Pluto Audio 12A Black MK2 turntables.”

The just launched new MK2 is an evolution, a continuing process of material selection, the right implementation and the proper way of combining them. With MK2 a relatively giant step has been made. From ultra-good to ultra-ultra-good.

A Pluto turntable combine the use of the springs under pressure and a mass of turntable. Both concepts have are as poled as  ‘left’ or ‘right’ in politics. Nevertheless… Today is a happy day as Pluto Audio 12A Black was born and its here.
One of the important aspect is the engine/motor and the quality of the electronics. And, what do we wish? For instance: Drive, emotion, strength and a high definition. The motor is held in a very heavy support, but totally decoupled. Start/stop is now at the front of the unit.
The former three black feet are gone and replaced by the Pluto Feet. They are totally decoupling the turntable from the rack.
Some of the unique materialsimplemented: Osna copper, Krion and Ebony wood. Of course the diamond bearing is still here, but its further refined in two ways. The ‘stilth’ has reached the next level. For the heavy duty sub chassis (especially made for Pluto by their specs) they’ve found another way of mounting it, resulting a better quality. 

From now on, there are two options of the upper plate; ebony wood (left  on the photo above) or a layer of copper (right on the photo above). This allows the tuning in the way that client wishes. 
Please realise that ‘copper is copper’ statement is not the ultimate truth, as the Burgundy is not always the best red wine. Only the best quality for Pluto!

Fortunately, pricing stayed steady! What makes the MK2 better, sound wise? There is a better relation in strength, dynamics, sound and space, and all of these aspects are at a higher level, comparing to the Mk1. The illusion of: no-hifi’ has been reached.
Photos/text – Mark van Braam – AUDIO21