New Purist Audio Design cables!

Diamond Revision Limited Edition AC Power Cable: “Each facet of the new, Diamond Purist L.E. is designed to allow the dynamics of the music to flow as the artist intended. Our audio engineers worked tirelessly to develop four, stunning upgrades to the Purist L.E., and we believe you’ll love the result.”

The first upgrade incorporates Nano technology silver wire into the build, by using 10 gauge Pure Silver Continuous Cast conductors. Second, we utilized the beautiful Furutech NCF power connectors (US FI-50M NCF or EU FI-E50 NCF and 15A IEC FI-50 NCF). Not satisfied, we enhanced the formula for the Contego dampening material to further reduce noise and vibration.

Finally, our audio engineers improved the power conditioning circuit technology that provides EMI/RFI noise control, filtering, and reduction. It integrates the use of a 5 stage (up from 3) power conditioning circuitry that passively controls, filters and reduces the effects of EMI/RFI from coupling via direct conduction, induction, and capacitive to a level that allows the dynamics of music breathe and prevail.
The Diamond Revision Purist Limited Edition AC Power cable is open, detailed, and “real”-sounding with no etching or hint of fatigue! It offers dead quiet background that allows every nuance of sonic texture and detail to literally dance across the holographic expanse of the soundstage.
All Diamond Revision Limited Edition cables come packaged in a handsome soft case.
Let us connect you to the music.
Diamond Neptune AC Power
New for 2019, the Neptune AC power cable is improved and updated from Luminist to the Diamond Revision! Our audio engineers set out to improve every facet of the well-loved Neptune AC.
First, we enhanced the Fluid formula for the Neptune AC power to further reduce noise and vibration. Second, we utilized the beautiful Furutech NCF power connectors (US FI-50M NCF or EU FI-E50 NCF and 15A IEC FI-50 NCF). 
Finally, our audio engineers incorporated Nano technology silver wire into the build by carefully hand-wrapping the Nano silver wire around each of the 8 gauge Pure Copper Continuous Cast conductors.
The Diamond Revision Neptune AC Power cable possesses a lucullan midrange that seduces you with its rich, three dimensional presentation of vocalists; a deep, wide soundstage with velvety, rich, silent dark space between instruments that present themselves with golden tonality.
All Diamond Revision Neptune power cables come packaged in a handsome soft case.
Digital goes Diamond with the Diamond 30th Anniversary USB!
We achieved a landmark with the Luminist 30th Anniversary, but we wanted more detail, more dynamics, and more transparency. So we set our engineers to work, and they dialed it up to 11! We greatly improved the passive filtering on the power conductors by using a specially tuned, hand-wound toroid. We advanced the dielectric for the separate data and power lines. In addition, we added sonically superior USB connectors with beautifully gold-plated housings.
  • Improved isolation between power and data
  • Improved passive filtering via a specially tuned hand-wound toroid on the power end
  • Enhanced dielectric for the power and data wires
  • Sonically superior gold-plated USB A and B connectors
  • The sound of the Diamond Revision 30th Anniversary is breathtaking, with wonderful inner detail, amazing dynamics, and a beautiful transparency. The Diamond Revision 30th will truly bring out the music in your high resolution computer audio system!

What does It Mean to Build for Digital?
Digital and analog audio have their similarities, but internally, they are very different. Even more than with analog, the slightest variation in a digital signal can cause phenomenal differences to the trained ear. Digital audio’s increased sensitivity increases the need for the right kind of shielding. Achieving that quality is what prompted us to design our own version of the classic USB, first in the form of the Purist USB, and then the Purist Ultimate USB. When entering the realm of digital, it’s important to design specifically for digital, and to exacting detail. At Purist Audio Design, we’ve taken a “from the grounds up” approach. 
What: High-End (Germany)
When: May 9-12
Where: MOC Atrium 4.2: F-226 & E-209