New Qln Signature Reference Monitor

Qln writes: “The Signature has always been a standalone model in Qln’s portfolio. With the Signature the goal is to push the boundaries of what is possible for a monitor speaker with our truncated pyramid cabinet design. Each successive generation has taken a step in this direction and none more significant than now. 

The Signature exemplifies Qln’s design philosophy of time aligned drivers, minimum baffle surface area, minimal cabinet resonance, phase coherent crossovers, impedance matching speaker to amplifier, and electromotive force (EMF) reduction back to the amplifier. For the Signature’s 5th generation, we have taken these core design principles to new heights.


  • Elongated cabinet for high internal acoustic damping with low internal compression/distortion of sound.
  • Cabinet made of Qboard®, a proprietary sandwich design with visco elastic damping layer.
  • Proprietary 7″ Kevlar@ with low loss and reflection acoustics. Under hung voice coil design
  • for both mid-woofer and tweeter.
  • Crossover with copper foil capacitors, low loss copper foil coils and non-inductive
  • high-power resistors.
  • Solid core internal cable with acoustic isolation material.
  • Arriving Fall 2022. Available in Piano Walnut, Burl Walnut & Maple Burl