New RT Audio Design Mega DAC

RT Audio Design writes: “The philosophy and the concept are extremely important in the construction of audio equipment. As a famous audio guru says: All dacs sound but it depends on how they are constructed. Following our concept of a minimalist circuit – a simple digital part, battery power and an analog filter made by output transformers we created our new DAC.” 

We have improved the digital part, significantly reducing the digital jitter. The dac chip is flagship of one of the leading manufacturers of audio chips specially selected by us. It works in differential output mode without common ground. The dac section is powered with 3 separate ultra low noise LDO stabilizers. All capacitors are low ESR made by Nichicon. The dac is silver wired. The Mega can be upgraded to SE level with separate power supply and balanced XLR outputs.

The USB converter

Our DAC uses USB to I2S converter XMOS chip. The Xmos converter uses re-clock to reduce jitter significantly. I2S, S/PDIF outputs, oscillators and re-clock are galvanic isolated from XMOS processor and USB ground. The galvanic isolation eliminates common noise originated by the computer. There is an galvanic isolated external master clock input.The USB module is powered with separate ultra low noise power board.

The analog stage

The analog low-pass filter is extremely important. It must be simple in construction and not introduce phase and frequency distortions into the sound or as it’s in the nature – ” the perfection of simplicity “. The output analog filter is realized with output transformers without the use of active components (tubes, op-amps or discrete transistors), which degrade the sound quality. The output transformer is perfect LPF. When the transformer is added to differential dac output the sound field is deeply increased and resistant to listening. The sound is pure and exquisite. The bass is deep and punch. Brilliant and silky high frequencies

Battery or not battery

Battery or not battery. That is the eternal question. Off course battery. The sound from battery powered dac is more clean with an incredibly wide sound stage and deep bass. When you use battery the sound is cleaned from power noises and negative inter-modulation distortions caused by the positive feedback between power supply and dac section. You can listen without charging 6 hours. In the dac box is mounted high quality battery 12V/2.2 Ah.

Technical Data

  • Frequency response: 10Hz- 100 kHz +/-0.3dB
  • Output Level: 2Vp-p
  • Dynamic range: 125dB
  • Digital Inputs: 1 SPDIF, 1 AES /EBU ,USB B
  • Digital resolution: 32Bit/ 192kHz USB mode, 24bit/96kHz SPDIF mode.
  • Digital formats: Flac, Wav, Ape, MP3.
  • Analog outputs: RCA (optional XLR)
  • Dimensions: 330 X70 X330
  • Weight: 3 kg