A standout range from the past few years has to have been our grounding products and the Russ Andrews RF Routers. Following the publication of Russ’s grounding guide in 2015 setting out his preferred way of grounding equipment casework, he has been modifying and perfecting his method to deliver increased performance. The latest SuperRouter and SuperRouter Signature ground components are the culmination of this work.  “SuperRouter features high specification, audio-quality components and intelligent circuitry to take performance to a completely new level. “

What is RF Grounding?

The principle of Russ’s approach to signal grounding is to connect equipment casework to a ground point. This can be an external earth rod (the preferred route), or via the external terminal on one of our SuperSockets, UltraSockets or Signature Sockets. The way these connections are made is important, but the most important element of Russ’s grounding is the use of the RF Router. 

The Router acts as an efficient RFI shunt, optimised for RF frequencies and means that the connections made are efficiently and effectively routing RF noise in a circuit to ground – hence the name ‘Router’. 

Russ has produced a guide explaining how to effectively ground your system: click here to download our PDF guide 

The SuperRouter RF Ground Component

While the existing RF Routers offer effective grounding, Russ knew that their performance could be improved upon. This led to the development of the two new SuperRouter products which incorporate everything we have learned about grounding over the last 40+ years. Where the RF Routers use more modest components, SuperRouters feature higher specification audio-quality components and intelligent circuitry to take performance to a completely new level. 

“SuperRouters offer our best RF grounding yet and – from our listening tests – they deliver the most musical sound we’ve achieved”

Integrating the SuperRouter

SuperRouters are designed to be used in the same way as our existing RF Router MKII, acting as the connection between the nominated ‘hub’ on your equipment and your grounding point. If you already have an RF Router, the SuperRouter is a straight swap. 

Connect a grounding cable from your equipment to one of the outside binding posts on the SuperRouter; the central terminal on the SuperRouter is the one to be used for connecting to your grounding point. Ideally, this is a separate, external earth rod, but you can also use the ground terminal on the front of one of our wall sockets.

The SuperRouter is not supplied with any cables: it is designed to be used with our Technical Ground Weave cable – you can choose cable lengths and terminations here. 

Why multiple binding posts?

The SuperRouter should be used in exactly the same way as our existing RF Routers but by increasing the number of ground terminals, it makes it easier to integrate the SuperRouter into larger, more complex systems. The additional terminals future proof the SuperRouter for forthcoming developments too – watch this space! 

The Signature Edition

The SuperRouter Signature Edition replaces basic Nickel Binding posts with superior WBT-0710 posts for a superior connection and we’ve upgraded the top panel to a specially machined Cherrywood version. The internal custom circuit board and components remain the same. 


  • Advanced frequency optimised RF filter technology
  • Custom-designed PTFE circuit board
  • 27 Audio-grade, tuned components
  • Custom-made casework including ABS V0 body
  • Accepts 4mm Banana and 6mm Spades
  • Custom Engineered wooden top plate
  • 12 WBT-0710 Cu mC input binding posts
  • 1 WBT-0710 Cu mC output binding post
  • Width: 120mm; height (including terminals and feet: 92mm; depth: 215mm.
  • Lifetime Warranty