New SAT XD1 record player – Exclusive!

SAT’s designer Marc Gomez has been for years developing and refining the concept of the turntable he always wanted to have as the best platform for his world-famous arms, condensing the design into its essentials – the purest form of the ultra-high performance record player.

“We are specially proud to have surpassed, in our XD1 record player, the level of performance of the most respected big turntables, in a compact, minimalistic, elegant and easy to use package. The real challenge is to provide all the sound attributes typical of the top big turntables, without their functional and reliability drawbacks.

By suppressing all superfluousness and concentrating on the engineering essentials, Gomez has created another masterpiece with the distinctive engineering and performance of his arms.

The result is an elegant, compact and minimalistic record player with the biggest and purest sound yet.”
High-density monoblock chassis
Machined from a single piece of Mg-Si alloy, removing just the minimum required to nest the platter, motor and electronics. 
Diffraction edges
Along the chassis and the legs, several sharp edges diffract the sound waves reducing the negative impact they have in the sonic performance of the turntable.
Stabilising motor bracket
The motor is connected to the bracket at three points through high-pressure coupling devices, providing and accurate coupling without residual stresses. The bracket is connected to the chassis through a high-area contact surface with friction damping.
Technics DD motor – the best motor
We have analysed and compared all motors used by other manufacturers and nothing comes close to the Technics SP-10R drive system. It is the most powerful, accurate, quiet and reliable motor available today for this application. 
Motor pre-loading system
The motor stator is rigidly coupled to the chassis at three points above the motor bracket, adding a critical increase in stiffness for the motor assembly. This is a determinant factor in the resolution and dynamics that this turntable conveys. 
The couplings are pre-loaded after the motor is assembled in the chassis and locked to keep the settings indefinitely.
Motor damping system
Located at strategic points around the stator of the motor, damping elements reduce the high frequency vibrations that would negatively affect resolution. The motor vibrates less and can rotate the platter more accurately.
Platter with laminar flow
Designed with a specific gap to create a laminar flow for constant drag and more stable speed.
A tiny exacting gap between the plater rim and the chassis prevents air flow and interference from the exterior, keeping the air trapped between the platter and chassis undisturbed.
High stiffness and inertia platter
Precision machined from precipitation-aged Mg-Si alloy with a tall section, achieving increased stiffness for the target mass of the platter. It nests a top platter and a flywheel in the lower portion of the rim.
The platter is designed with a specific ratio of mass in the 3/7 of its outer diameter.  A flywheel ring of eutectic polymorphic Swedish brass adds the optimal mass and inertia tuned for the motor, providing the most spectacular dynamics and effortless sound. 
Top platter for ultra-low magnetic field
Top platter layer of 16mm proprietary advanced technical polymer infused with carbon fiber micro powder and UHM carbon nanotubes. It keeps magnetic field away from cartridge for maximum resolution and provides levels of damping not possible with other material formulations. The tiniest micro details can be retrieved by the cartridge once the magnetic interaction with the platter is removed. 
Precision micro-machined top platter surface 
Special micro-ridge profile with controlled pitch and height, designed to provide unprecedented record coupling to the platter. This feature is proprietary to SAT and is machined on a very unique CNC lathe using dedicated fixtures and diamond cutting tools – the only ones able to machine the carbon micro fibers with the required precision and surface finish.
Decoupled record spindle
Dedicated record austenitic stainless steel spindle is fixed to the platter without direct connection to the motor. 
Rigidly coupled platter 
Platter assembly is connected to the rotor of the motor via three high-contact-surface screws, assuring metal-to-metal and a high-rigidity and stable coupling. This solution is much more effective than dropping the platter onto a spindle/rotor or sub-plater.
High-stiffness high-mass legs with fully adjustable feet
The massive legs are integral parts of the mechanical structure of the turntable and have a very important contribution into the stiffness and damping characteristics of the system. They have been designed through extensive FEA studies and the geometry and position optimised through virtual design of experiments technology (VDoE).
Dual complementary turntable isolation system
The suspension system is an integral part of the record player, designed to work in conjunction with it to achieve the highest level of isolation.
SAT mount for armboards
For the first SAT record player we have developed a new proprietary mount system which is class leading in terms of stiffness.
Structural ultra-high-rigidity short path construction
Arms are connected with motor through massive, continuous and uninterrupted sections of metal for uncompromised rigidity. 
The arm does not move with respect to the platter spindle, keeping a stable position and thus generating less distortion. This translates into more resolution, faster and sharper transients as well as longer decays.
Proprietary buttons mechanism
Made of solid aluminium and machined with the same care an precision as the rest of the components of the turntable. The speed control buttons and their actuation mechanism are entirely designed and manufactured by SAT specifically for this turntable.
They provide the ultimate touch feeling and a soft actuation with a silky smooth and delicate feedback. 
Precision record clamp
Designed in conjunction with the decoupled spindle, it provides a firm coupling of the record to the platter. Thanks to its exquisite engineering, through the use of precision ball bearings, the operation is silky-smooth and the control of the load on the record is very accurate.
The record clamp allows to exactly apply the required clamping force to each record, depending on its dimensions and level of warps.
Hand-build by the designer one at a time 
As with the SAT pickup arms, Gomez builds every unit of the XD1 record player with the outmost care in Gothenburg. For this exclusive product, only he is involved in the whole build process, from the quality control of the components to the final assembling and packaging.
The result
By suppressing all superfluousness and concentrating on the engineering essentials, Gomez has created another masterpiece with the distinctive engineering and performance of his arms.
The result is an elegant, compact and minimalistic record player with the biggest and purest sound yet.