Tommy Hørning writes: “Horning Hybrid systems new revolutionary high-end SE toroidal transformer series build on nanocrystalline cut cores. SATI/Horning toroidal Nanocrystalline SE tube audio transformer range and amplifiers are the assertions for the development of the best sounding wideband SE transformers in the world. It is of cause up to the music lower to agree with this notion. The background for the development of SATI/Horning SE transformers is to find a better-sounding SE transformer than the commonly known high-end C core and Double C core transformers. EI core is commonly known as lower-quality transformers.” 

“In the world’s industry of tube hi-fi amplifiers, the torrid core was known to outperform C cores as having a lower loss factor faster Hysteresis than all other types of cores. A further advantage is: You can wind it DIRECT on the core. The C core is handicapped with it must use BOBBINS which make the distance between wire and core and a further disadvantage is that it is designed so it cannot wind on the whole core.  

In the Tube audio industry, the TOROIDAL has got a prejudice of not being good for tube amplifiers. So nearly nobody was interested in the Toroidal as tube output and interstage transformers.

30 years ago, we took the first step in the name of curiosity to explore the prejudice against Torrid transformers, still existing among enthusiasts today. I believe that the prejudice has its roots in that toroidal transformers is far more complicated to wind and even more complicated to produce if it is produced with an air gap. In single-ended tube amplifiers, you must cut the toroid Core because of the current running through the transformer.

Already from the first listening test compared to C core and double C core it was clear that the toroid was performing with much better bass control, overall, it has a much better grip of the sound without losing any musicality. The measured frequency response between high quality-oriented iron is near the same but it is in their permeability performance and from sound quality, the difference comes to show.

The invention of Toroid transformers over the years got its culmination in production Nanocrystalline cut torrid core. It was with the private help of technicians working for VAC and Hitachi we were so lucky to do this otherwise it was outside our financial means. First in recent years is Nanocrystalline soft magnetic core now superior to permalloys, amorphous cobalt-based alloy.

The introduction of the Nanocrystalline cut core was a surprising, welcomed gift to the sound of a single Ended tube output amplifier. The SE amplifier is in our view the best sounding tube amplifier. The Toroidal is the most perfect core design for super-fast signal transference and it has found its perfection with the insertion of the nanocrystalline core design. It is the design that comes closest to the triode’s own fantastic high-speed and dynamics. Formidable musical presentation at its highest peak is the result of the Sati/Horning SE Output and interstage transformers.

Besides the use of nanocrystalline core, the Sati/Horning transformers and amplifiers high quality is incorporated in the best material you can find in the professional transformer industry, the use of Litze high-frequency wire, triple isolated wire, Teflon coated wire and tapes, interlaying tapes, the precision of the transformers wire interlaying. Ultra-precision cut and polishing of the airgap. A further virtue of Sati/Horning is that interstage and output transformers offer full low-frequency response, on the marked sacrifice transformer companies the low-frequency response to get a better high-frequency response. Not so with the Sati/Horning output transformers and interstage. 

Sati/Horning is proud to bring a range of Ultra high-end output and interstage transformers as well as Common Mode chokes, Grid chokes for selected tubes, volume control transformers, and MC transformers, LCR ultra permeable RIAA transformers.

SATI/Horning tube amplifier transformers are built for the connoisseur who wants the absolute best.

SATI/Horning ultimate 300 B, PX 25, EML 1605, 10 K SE 3.5 Kohm SE output transformer.

Our 5.5 K interstage is constructed to fulfill the use of the direct heated pre-power tubes like the EML 20 and EML 30. It offers full bandwidth at 50 Ma current and 500 volts on the anode.  As far as we know no other makers make this kind of performance.

The sound quality of a SE tube amplifier equal to the amplifier’s 0utput section depending on the quality of the power supply.  This assumption is neglected by nearly all single-ended amplifier producers and very much DIY.

The insertion of a common-mode input choke is raising the SE amplifier’s sound.

We believe this is the first common mode choke winded on the best core you can find in this world, the nanocrystalline core.”